A day after my Birthday

I am a very pissed of woman today. Happily pissed off I may add. Not that my Birthday was boring...no it wasn't at all. If anything, I got to spend it with my greatest friend I have known for more than two years now. So no...I am not pissed off because of anything to do with Time.

If anything, I am pissed off because human beings are ungrateful little shitheads. I am one too…this Morning I did not have enough money for breakfast, there is a man crushing on my couch…yes…my couch, he did not bring me any gift yesterday, not even a biscuit worth five shillings, I know for a fact that if he wanted he would bring me a cake or something simple.He did not!

Then, an idiot, who was to come see me at 7 to celebrate it with me did not show up. no text, no call. And I am here thinking…did he know ho much it meant to me? Just a simple Hello and HAPPY birthday would have done it. Fucking shithead!

Anyway, I got a twenty shilling coin on my couch and I got to eat breakfast. And amazingly, a colleague got to offer me some more, and I accepted. Now, let me tell you how human beings are little shit-heads. None of the women that I have showed up for their Birthday party even wished me a Happy Birthday, that is why, ladies and gentlemen, I am pissed off. Because people are users, people want to take, take and never give,

That is why in a nutshell I am pissed off.

Another Day of a sales person, just what does it mean?

Aaaah! Sales…Fucking Sales. Sometimes, I will be honest with you, I get so bored I don’t want to wake up and head to work. Not that I hate it, it puts food on my table, not that I love it, I sometimes feel like throwing the towel, have been the last whole week .

The last whole week, no actually month has been a shit show, the pressure is immense. Look at me complain! ooookay, I am done doing that. Let me tell how my day goes…meeting, meeting, field, meeting , house,writing, friends, blogging and mostly looking for clients.

I do sales for the bank, won't tell you which. And I will tell you for free, it isn't that fancy or fun or cool. I call myself a hawker, I hawk bank products, from accounts to loans to acquiring deposits.

In addition, I have to serve clients, customer service. And let me tell you the coolest thing, I can choose not to and literally I won’t be fired. BUT the problem is this, I loove Customer Service! I do! It is the easiest thing anyone can do. My friends complain that it is hard but I always choose to differ

The secret I will tell you. Is to show up! Show up when you can, that is all that matters, show up, everyday if you can, show up. SHOW UP!

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

Monday Blues….

We all love to hate Mondays...well, until you are on Holiday and you don't really know the difference, with Corona, it no longer

So, I have to get my story running and have no idea what to talk about…wait a minute….I do! BIRTH CONTROL PILLS! I remember the first time I read about them, it was from a magazine on order and clearing clutter as a woman, so you can imagine.

I started using my https://www.mariestopes.or.ke/what-we-do/oral-contraceptive-pill/ .And I will tell you this for a fact…the side effects are crazy. In-fact, so crazy that I was on the toilet seat puking for 10 minutes. YES for 10 whole minutes! I am told to hold on , after a week or two it will get better. In the meantime, I will take my green tea to curb it

Let us talk Birth control pills. I know…it is a widely spoken of thing…but most of us really do not get it. It is all about playing with the hormones….

I will go talk to a Fertility Doctor in a few, in the meantime, let me get busy with work. Byeee

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